by Rodney E. Foster,Sr

Released 08/12/2014
Nikitujuan Music Company
Released 08/12/2014
Nikitujuan Music Company
Retro jazz, R&B and funk can all be found on this latest masterpiece of an album by Rodney E. Foster,Sr.
Everyday I talk to my former drummer and friend, Fred Starks, who lives in Belgium. Using Skype, we reminisce about when we first met. He joined my band as my demo singer. Back in the days of my youth I would travel to many States with my grandmother performing Gospel.

It was then that I started out singing and dancing. As a young man I started performing as a drummer and percussionist having studied with Jerry Steinholz and Johnny Conga. I moved on to keyboards, acoustic guitar, and trumpet. I decided to try being a recording engineer which led to music production. I have experience producing R&B, Gospel,Rap and now smooth Jazz music.

When I was about 7 or 9 my mother would listen to the music of Miles Davis, Ella Fitzgerald, and Nina Simone. In 1977, a very good friend of mine, Jay Thomas, turned me on to Harvey Mason, Lee Ritenour, Stanley Clarke, Alphonso Johnson and many others that helped shape my current musical style. Funny how things come full circle.

Those memories helped me put this Cd together. There are so many artists that I listen to that it would be hard to single out any artist that influenced this style of music I'm currnetly doing.
Well, to my listeners, I hope you enjoy the music from the album, Madrid, as well as the music from my other albums: Sensual Thoughts, Step into the unknown, Maya, and Nogoya.

I want to thank all the software companies that I use in my productions these days: Toontrack, Cakewalk, Spectrasonics, and UVI,and many others.

Nikitujuan Music Company
Ascap(R) 2014
Recorded @ Studio Chaos Room B

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