by Rodney E. Foster,Sr

Released 08/05/2014
Nikitujuan Music Co
Released 08/05/2014
Nikitujuan Music Co
. . . On the bike path from Pacific Palisades to Marina Del Rey and Back Again on a Friday afternoon.
This CD is a reflection of my travels with the bands I've been in.

In 1979, I was the lead vocalist and percussionist on tour with the band, Strong. The band performed at a night club called The Penthouse II. It is located in Nagoya, Japan. So this is a dedication to the city because I had a wonderful time there.

While trying to make it in this music business, I had to deal with many record company rejections. As a result, I decided to start my own company and release my music myself.

"Nogoya" is my third project on this label. I already have three more CDs ready for release in the years to come -- I've been busy! I hope my listeners enjoy.

I wrote the song, "My Mother" for my mom, Bobbie Hall, and mothers world-wide.

Penthouse 2 Nagoya (Featuring James"BayBay"Bell) On Bass Guitar

I want to give thanks to my love, Cathy C. Hall, and my family and friends.

Special Thanks to: Cakewalk, Spectrasonics, Toontrack, and UVI, to name a few.

Nikitujuan Music Company
Ascap(R) 2014
Recorded @ Studio Chaos Room B

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